YOR Health Launches Fulfillment Center in Perth, Australia

YOR HealthYOR Health products are enjoyed by tens of thousands of individuals across the globe, including Australia. Due to popular demand, YOR Health recently launched a new fulfillment center in Perth, Australia to provide even quicker shipping for Western Australian YOR Health customers.

Q: It’s great having a YOR Health representative here with us today. Thank you for joining us.

YOR Health: It’s a pleasure to be here.

Q: Let’s talk about your new fulfillment center. For anyone who is not familiar with this term, can you please explain what exactly is a fulfillment center?

YOR Health: The YOR Health fulfillment center is a place where individual orders are received, picked, packaged, and made ready for delivery to our valued customers.

Q: YOR Health recently opened a fulfillment center in Perth, Australia? What was the motivation behind this?

YOR Health: Shipping in this popular region has grown in demand so we decided to launch the new YOR Health Perth Fulfillment Center.

Q: What impact will the new fulfillment center have on YOR Health customers living in that region?

YOR Health: The new YOR Health Fulfillment Center will make most local shipments in Perth Metro areas deliverable in less than three business days. YOR Health customers will be able to enjoy YOR Health products in no time.

Q: What about the areas outside of Perth Metro?

YOR Health: Shipping to Western Australia regions outside of Perth Metro should be faster than before, but may exceed 3 business days depending on how far the order is shipping outside the Perth Metro area.

Q: I think YOR Health customers in Western Australia will be very happy to hear the good news…

YOR Health: Absolutely! We are very excited to bring this new Fulfillment Center to our loyal customers. It is just one additional way we hope to better serve them.