About YOR Health

YOR HealthFounded in 2008 in Irvine, California, health and wellness company YOR Health has implemented a series of products that include nutritional supplements. With independent representatives and customers throughout the world—including Australia, Asia and North America—YOR Health appeals to health-conscious and motivated individuals from across the globe. The basic idea behind YOR Health is that people must pay close attention to what they absorb through their daily nutrition.

By concentrating on customers’ user experience, YOR Health is better equipped to provide guidance for those who are enthusiastic about taking control of their overall health. Each product formulated by the YOR Health team consists of quality ingredients that have been tested extensively before being presented to the public.

YOR Health carries a wide-ranging program of nutritional supplements that maximize the impact of nutrients throughout the body. In order to boost customer interest, YOR Health offers a variety of fun and educational activities. Most notably, YOR Health hosts a fitness challenge that motivates customers to stay fit and healthy, the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge. Prizes are granted to winners of the various categories. Visitors to the YOR Health website are encouraged to view participant profiles in order to draw encouragement and inspiration from their sustained efforts.

YOR Health fosters a welcoming environment based on mutual respect and trust during the YOR Health Annual Conference, which presents the latest in product development and provides all members the opportunity to discuss their experiences. Along with encouraging independent representatives in achieving their health and wellness goals, YOR Health hopes to enrich their experience by instilling a community spirit. YOR Health regularly encourages friendly interaction between these independent representatives with a host of events where they can share tips of the trade.

As a benefit to customers, YOR Success Magazine features event coverage, informational pieces, product details, contest winners and success stories.