YOR Health Congratulates Tim Brown on Joining Pro Football Hall of Fame

YOR HealthIn his position as Chief Advisor of the YOR Health Athletic Board, the team at YOR Health has had the privilege of working with football pro Tim Brown for over six years. Brown has led YOR Health in counseling new Board Members, sharing his stories of success, and addressing thousands of appreciative YOR Health Promoters and Customers when speaking at five YOR Health annual conferences. The first wide receiver ever to win the Heisman Trophy, Tim Brown was recently inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Q: How does YOR Health feel about Tim’s induction?

YOR Health: Everyone at YOR Health is extremely proud of Tim. We admire his stunning record of 1,094 career receptions, 100 touchdowns and nine Pro Bowl selections, and are thrilled that he has now received the most prestigious honor awarded in the sport of football. Continue reading


YOR Health Launches Fulfillment Center in Perth, Australia

YOR HealthYOR Health products are enjoyed by tens of thousands of individuals across the globe, including Australia. Due to popular demand, YOR Health recently launched a new fulfillment center in Perth, Australia to provide even quicker shipping for Western Australian YOR Health customers.

Q: It’s great having a YOR Health representative here with us today. Thank you for joining us.

YOR Health: It’s a pleasure to be here.

Q: Let’s talk about your new fulfillment center. For anyone who is not familiar with this term, can you please explain what exactly is a fulfillment center?

YOR Health: The YOR Health fulfillment center is a place where individual orders are received, picked, packaged, and made ready for delivery to our valued customers. Continue reading

YOR Health All-New 2015 YOR Best Body Championship

YOR HealthIf you want the opportunity to become the face of health and fitness for your country, you are invited to sign up for the new YOR Health 2015 YOR Best Body Championship. Each year the team at YOR Health challenges all YOR Health customers to compete in the YOR Best Body Championship. Below, a YOR Health spokesperson explains what’s new this year.

Q: What’s different about the 2015 YOR Best Body Championship?

YOR Health: The 2015 YOR Best Body Championship will be bigger and better than ever before! The YOR Best Body Challenge has grown so much that this year we decided to split the Championship into 3 regions; Australia, Mexico, and USA/International. Continue reading

Q&R avec YOR Health : Le YOR NDS offre une solution brillante à un grand problème.

YOR HealthSelon les professionnels de YOR Health, plus de 70 pourcent des coûts de la santé sont liés à des maladies chroniques telles le diabète, les problèmes cardiaques, la dépression et l’asthme. Partout dans le monde, les gens ont désespérément besoin de solutions répondant à leurs problèmes de mauvaise santé. Des trillions sont dépensés dans des produits qui visent uniquement les symptômes sans offrir de vraies solutions. Dans les Q&R suivantes, YOR Health donne un aperçu, et des solutions aux problèmes de mauvaise santé dans le monde.

Q: Est-il possible que nous ayons dépensé notre argent dans les mauvaises choses?

YOR Health: Chez YOR Health, nous pensons que cibler les symptômes est une fausse approche. Nous préférons nous concentrer à éliminer la cause.

Q: A votre avis, quelle est la raison d’une santé aussi faible?

YOR Health: Nous croyons que beaucoup de problèmes de santé dans le monde peuvent se résumer en deux mots : une mauvaise nutrition. Continue reading

YOR Health Makes Headlines Across the Globe

YOR Health2015 is gearing up to be another exciting year for YOR Health. Here is a sneak peak at some of the company’s top news stories so far.

New YOR Health fulfillment center opens in Western Australia

According to YOR Health, Perth is home to a new state-of-the-art YOR Health warehouse and fulfillment center. Demand for YOR Health products have risen so greatly over the last year that it’s become necessary to reach the Perth Metro and Western Australia areas more expediently than before. The new center, which opened in January, now offers local delivery in three or less business days. Western Australia will enjoy faster delivery than before thanks to the new facility, says the team at YOR Health. Continue reading

Q&A with YOR Health: YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge Participants Are Unstoppable

YOR HealthSince the launch of the Challenge competition in 2013, YOR Health members have lost a total of 47,808 lbs (21685.3 kgs), as measured before January 1, 2015. That’s 166 million calories. Not only does the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge help members with an amazing body transformation, but there are also prizes for the lucky winners!

Q: These numbers are mind blowing and motivating. What exactly is the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge?

YOR Health: The YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge is for individuals who want a total Body Transformation and to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Participants of the Challenge will try to lose weight and build muscle in a competitive format. A total of 24 participants will receive prizes for achieving the best results.

Q: When does the next Challenge start and who can participate?  

YOR Health: New Challenge Groups begin on the 1st and 15th of every month. Participants must be either a YOR Health Customer or Promoter, and aren’t allowed to use similar or competitive products during the Challenge. Continue reading

Q & A with YOR Health – Direct Selling and the DSAA   

YOR HEALTHYOR Health has been a proud member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) in the United States for over four years. Now, YOR Health is excited to announce its membership in the Direct Selling Association of Australia (DSAA) which was formed almost half a century ago, when person-to-person selling was still in its infancy. Today, the DSAA strives to uphold the highest code of ethics, maintain fair business practices and to protect and serve the interests of members and the Promoters they represent.

Q: What exactly is direct selling?

YOR Health: “Direct Selling” is the sale of a product or service, person-to-person, away from a retail store. This distribution is done by Promoters, usually in a home or workplace, through such methods as party plan, door-to-door or network marketing. More than 90 million people worldwide are involved in direct selling.

Q: That’s an impressive number. What is currently the largest direct selling market?

YOR Health: The two largest direct selling markets are the United States and China. Worldwide direct sales are estimated at more than $191 billion a year. Continue reading