YOR Health: A Sound Solution for Today’s Healthy Lifestyles

YOR HealthBased out of Irvine, California, YOR Health is a leading force behind a nutrition revolution sweeping the globe. But, just what is it that makes these products so special?

Q: What does YOR Health offer that other nutritional supplement companies don’t?

YOR Health: First and foremost, the YOR Health brand isn’t just about the products. We back our scientifically-proven weight management, digestive health, and energy and fitness essentials with solid support. Whether it’s our Body Transformation Challenge, the informative YOR Success magazine, or our popular YOR Health National Conference, we believe that helping people is always at the foundation of what we do.

Q: What is the YOR Nutritional Delivery System?

YOR Health: The YOR Nutritional Delivery System is a patent-protected formulation of enzymes that are proven to stimulate nutrient transportation through the body and support healthy cholesterol levels. Additionally, the YOR Nutritional Delivery System helps the body produce enzyme AST which is critical for amino acid metabolism. Products bearing the coveted YOR Nutritional Delivery System seal are a real solution to maximize nutritional intake and encourage a proper digestive process, as well. Continue reading


YOR Health Helps Customers Take Charge with YOR Slim Set

YOR HealthYOR Health is well-known for its ability to meet customer demand through a number of different programs tailored to each person’s desires and goals. By offering the YOR Slim Set, company leadership has further enhanced the consumer experience and improved the well being of Customers in Australia, the United States and other regions of the world.

Q: Why has the YOR Slim Set become such a staple in the routines of consumers around the world?

YOR Health: For people who are seeking to eliminate calories from their diet or simply improve their overall nutritional intake, the YOR Slim Set presents a variety of YOR Health products in a convenient and easy-to-use package. The cornerstones of the YOR Slim Set are the YOR Shake and the YOR Probiotics Ultra. Continue reading

YOR Muscle Energy Packs a Punch for YOR Health Customers

YOR HealthYOR Muscle Energy is designed to fit the needs of all athletes who require a little extra energy during their intense workouts, says the leadership team at YOR Health.

Ingredients of YOR Muscle Energy

YOR Muscle Energy includes a sugar-free carbohydrate called Vitargo that helps muscle tissue recover quickly*. Carbohydrates, as YOR Health explains, are the most important element in aiding muscle tissue throughout the course of an exercise routine. Along with Vitargo, YOR Muscle Energy contains a special Performance Protease Blend to further enhance the consumer’s results*. YOR Muscle Energy is available in Berry Fusion flavor. Continue reading

YOR Health Expands Reach While Improving Lives

YOR HealthThe YOR Health team understands that measuring growth is not simply a number game. According to YOR Health, the company’s Independent Representatives have peace of mind thanks to an extensive support system. In this Q&A, YOR Health explains how Independent Representatives and their satisfied customers rest easier by being part of the YOR Health team.

Q: How does a company like YOR Health inspire growth?

YOR Health: We believe there are a number of avenues for growth. Sometimes it’s possible to experience quick growth spurts, other times there’s a slow and steady growth, then there’s the type of growth that completely exceeds one’s expectations. Generally speaking, any kind of growth is good when it comes to business, though.

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YOR Health Presents Viable Solutions to a Variety of Health Problems

YOR HealthQ: What are your company’s views of today’s economy?

YOR Health: As the whole landscape of the American economy remains full of doubt and confusion, it’s important for a business to be a calm, stabilizing force for its customers.

Q: In particular, how does the company approach its business model?

YOR Health: The goal of our company is to seek further truth about the concept of health while discovering a time-tested business model that offers proven results.

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At YOR Health, the Art of Teamwork Makes Daily Activities Better

YOR HealthNow entering its sixth year of business, YOR Health has crafted a special mission to spread awareness regarding happiness and good health across the globe. The company encourages regular interactions between their independent representatives in the belief that a social network should serve as the basis of all activities. When reading the extensive list of testimonials written by independent representatives and customers, one crucial word is consistently present: TEAM. In the history of YOR Health, no achievement would have been possible without the integrity and spirit of a remarkable team bonded by shared motivations.

The team members of YOR Health have in short order become close friends—or, in many cases—a second family. The exponential growth of the company has been particularly noticeable in Mexico, where the message of improved health has spread throughout the major cities. The sense of loyalty and friendship is the solid foundation of YOR Health and binds together the founders, independent representatives and consumers. Dedicated to working together, these individuals understand the power of a group effort in reaching their personal and professional milestones.

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YOR Health Explains How Proper Exercise Improves Lives

YOR HealthQ: Is exercise necessary for everyone regardless of age or fitness level?

YOR Health: It is vital that everyone schedule physical activity and exercise so that it becomes a priority. Leading a sedentary lifestyle can result in a host of health problems, but a proper exercise plan can build muscle and burn fat.

Q: In general, what’s the best exercise program?

YOR Health: A recommended program includes flexibility and balance exercise, endurance training and strength training. Someone just beginning to exercise should allow the body time to acclimate to a new routine. Overtraining has been shown to cause injury and fatigue. The greatest results typically occur when the individual sets aside time to recover and rest. As a further supplement for tissue and muscle recovery, YOR Repair helps people stay on track with their fitness goals.

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